Wednesday, November 03, 2004

workplace and the crew

Connected for 43 minutes but I only managed to receive 2803 packets. Really flustered with this crawling speed. Goddamn. I think it didn't even do the crawling adjective justice. It's more like crawling with the elbows and knees chopped off.

Top left: Okay. Finally Shajan is in light. He's in blue while Ashraf the caretaker of the apartment is standing behind. I'm sure some conversation in Malayalam is taking place at that time. And by the way, that's the entrance to my apartment.

Top right: I stay at 2nd floor

Bottom left: This is my work place at a local business partner's office. Features of this venue would include dreadful internet connection, water dispenser containing sweet water (term used here), and long working hours expected including having dinner at the premise itself.

Bottom right: A room provided for us to work by the CIO.

We have just rented a car yesterday. A Mazda 323. With some connections, we managed to bring down the rental fee of BD 160 per month to BD 110. This kinda puzzles me actually. Why pay for that when you can have Shajan for free?