Sunday, October 31, 2004

Is this a joke?

2.28 PM - I just came out from a lengthy third meeting since morning. Seems alright this meeting considering no voice raising and threatenings of locking us up here. I did some new materials on the fly in super speed as the meeting progresses and I'm glad we came to some agreement after all. It's time for some lunch now and I'll have to eat mine in this isolated room in closed doors. I noticed that I have been able to tolerate hunger to a greater extent now. It's quite close to the duration of a muslim's fasting of the day. Considering the situation and scenario I've been thrown into, I guess I had not much choice not to. My body just adapts.

What amazes me today is when I realised the position I am in currently. Not so much reflected in my business card but more towards again, the situation I'm in. The people that I've been meeting, having discussions with and making major decisions together comprises from top management level both in company aspects as well as high ranking positions within the government we are dealing with. What got me flabbergasted really was when I found out that one of them is actually only 24 years old and this Musab dude is actually in charge of a whole area and is in position to make major decisions involving a project of a national scale. Isn't it mind boggling that a national project that is going to affect basically the whole population of the country as well as the expatriates is run by a few young fellows. That aside, this scenario I believe, actually also came across in my own country as well few years back.