Tuesday, October 26, 2004

shitass moment

An update for Shazan. I finally got hold of his name spelt out, written on a note. It's Shajan, officially. I'm writing this post from the office. The time is close to 9 PM and which means I've been here for almost 12 hours. I had my dinner in the office too. Shajan went and bought us takeaways of Briyanis. I had chicken briyani which comes with extremely sour yogurt and puke inducing sour mango chutney which I did not fancy at all. I'm extremely tired and worn out right now and I'm so looking forward for my shower, taking a dump and the bed, oh the bed! I've been told, we need to be here again earlier tomorrow to strategise on something. Oh well. "Ting Ngang Siong Ar". Now where's Shajan. He needs to drive us back.