Monday, October 25, 2004

day two

It might be the jet lag or it could be just the fact that I'm full after hovering a doughnut and two cheese burgers for dinner. I slept early at 8:30 PM and woke up naturally at 6 AM without any help of any alarm clock whatsoever. It might be the bright daylight shinning through my curtain blinds. And when I open my eyes, the environment (my room in this apartment) looked familiar but not so much so, I realised I'm here in Bahrain. Probably it's just the second day and my mind hasn't registered that yet. I'll bring water and food to office for lunch today. I did not have my lunch yesterday. So in a way, I was fasting along with the fellow muslims here although not voluntarily. It didn't help much when practically all the food shops are closed throughout the day.

Just some of things I'd noticed since I came here. The road bumps here are way huge. They are like fucking mountains. I would say they are maybe around 2-3 times the size of those you find in Bangsar. I'm not kidding and it's really uncomfortable when your driver speeds. What I heard or read from is kinda true about honking. The people here really honk a lot while driving.

The most generic designs that I notice out of the buildings here are castle like style designs. Most of them have square pointed spikes and mostly a flat top. Pardon my description. And I guess they only have white, yellow and brown paint here. All the buildings here are practically painted in those very few hues. No wonder my colleague said that the view is colourless, which I sort of agree in a way. There are plenty of constructions going on around the city. Most of them are 10 storeys commercial buildings. I've been using this road daily to work. Ahmed Ali Kannoo Avenue and then to Exhibitions Avenue. I have yet to recognise the whole route to work though. But I reckon, I'll need to speed up for I'll be the navigator for my manager soon when we get our rented vehicle.

Oh and apparently, the driver, Hassan's name is actually Shazan. But I kinda like the idea of him being Hassan though.