Monday, October 18, 2004

surrender yer junkie

I was told to handover my office desktop computer that I've been using throughout a period of 12 months today.

"After you're done with it (refering to me copying the files I needed, not smashing it up), surrender your pc to him" said my boss.

Well, it didn't seem that easy. With a mixed emotions of both glee and sadness, I went and carry out that task. Gleeful for getting rid of that low RAM pc. Now tell me, how can anybody survive with a pc of a mere 128 MB of RAM? I did but am not too happy about it. Sadness for well, change, as I normally do not welcome change that casually and probably because I lost something and losing something just did not feel right. Hmm contradicting to the glee factor, isn't it?

Anyway, in the few last hours of using it, I browsed around the files that I have and also to try to decide which files I need to copy. Decisions, decisions. I skipped that part and proceed with other necessary task.

1. Clear Office Email Account - Launched Outlook Express and look at the shitload of emails residing in my inbox and sent folder. Most of it are work related emails, around 95% and god knows why I kept so many and felt so reluctant to delete them then. Damnit, couldn't be too bothered about it all now. I simply select all and whack the delete button. And goddamn, yeah, that bloody thing hang on me.

2. Delete files - Went on a massive spree of deleting files. Woohoo. I've never deleted so many files in a day. I did feel reluctant again to delete most of the files but unfortunately I couldn't backup and copy all of them to my notebook because this damn thing, the whole capacity is only 15 GB and the capacity left? Go figure. So I would have to choose carefully the most crucial files to copy over. The keyword here is being ruthless. I dumped every document, picture files, applet files, source codes, etc that I no longer consider them to be of some usefulness to me. However though, I reckon I might come across a day where I'll be damned for that "Why didn't I copy that file/folder? I need that now!" moment. After trashing all the local files, I dumped the favourites, History and Temp Internet Cache.

3. Rename pc - Renamed the pc and reset the password.

4. Uninstall software - Again, a massive software uninstallation took place. Being a good samaritan though, I kept certain softwares for the new dude so that he won't have to go through the hassle of installing them again.