Saturday, July 23, 2005

Let me fly, 3734 miles away

Another 23 hours to go and I shall be at Kuala Lumpur.

This would be my third returning trip to date. And it is one which provided an overwhelming liberating feeling. Such it is, strangely so, for I did not quite felt it that way in my previous two trips. Perhaps, subconsciously, I feel liberated from this indescribable halo that has been plaguing my mind for far too long.

And I was right in my prediction months ago; that my gut feel was that things are getting worse. Whatever it was, I am glad that it had finally past. I had managed to pull myself through.

I shall not ponder for what shall be in the coming days from 5th of August. For now, as far as I am concerned, a break is what I deserve and need.