Thursday, July 21, 2005

The day I nearly snapped

Those who know me will attest that I am a kind person and most often than not, I will extend a hand in helping them to the extent other people think I am being taken advantage of. When viewing in their perspective, it may be true to a certain extent, but this is who I am as a person and I am proud of having such virtue.

Today however, was a day I nearly snapped. I was fuming mad, looking at the side of myself and high up at the ceiling a couple of times when was asked if it's okay? This manipulation to his/their advantage at the expense of mine must stop. It is so sickening that I put my foot down to overrule the instruction using words which include 'must'.

I am convinced it is "batigkh" behind all these, masterminding all behind the screens with no courage to tell it in front of my face.