Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Money over anything else

Looking at my colleague who was scrutinising the screen meticulously whilst losing himself in thoughts, I was reminded again how important and difficult it is to earn a living that enables him to provide his family a home and a car. And those were not even middle cost class to begin with. He was comparing the current loan rates and calculating which bank and package that would save him the most. At time same time, he keeps venting about having to waste some figure due to the higher rates he is bound to now and that it is time for him to refinance his property.

Whilst having a short chat with two friends back at KL and at HK earlier today, the topic was predominantly about money again. I told them I will strive on no matter how close I am to losing myself with this project. It is wiser in fact to carry on and hope that the duration of this project would prolong as much as possible. That simply translates into opportunity to print money which at least will have a profound effect to my life. And of course, needless to say, this is when all are viewed in the most optimistic way possible.

Sometimes, I think I am just confused with this conundrum of having to choose one over another. But I have the privilege to for now unlike many of my peers and I shall be an idiot to quit over it.