Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ok now click on that

I conducted an ad hoc training session today. Impromptu it was because we had anticipated it to be only a visit by the would-be workers and to have a look at their workplace and systems. Felt rather weird throughout as I am not used to such occasions where people listen attentively to my every word of instruction. Luckily no one asked me to speak louder as how often I would get one of those. As luck would have it though, I have got to run in and out to get the missing papers, cameras, batteries and dongles. Nevertheless, I think I carried myself okay and was fortunate that the participants was not fussy and did not dish out tons of complain. They will return here tomorrow morning and the top guy told me a new group will come the following week.

As expected, they were conversing among themselves in Arabic. It was rather tough and I could not catch any of them except for when they were complaining of the lack of shawarma and tea.