Saturday, July 02, 2005

Oil < Water

I went to Siam Soup at Adilya for dinner yesterday evening. There's a supermarket called Rachanee selling many Thai stuffs nearby and not to mention got to hear many ke pai or ko ning chai loudly spoken everywhere. I realised I ordered fried kuay teow in Thai style which by the way, taste alot like Malay fried that came under the disguise of the bewildering Ka Raeh Pae Wan whatever I can't remember.

Sitting opposite me in a room with low tables and pillows like those in Japanese restaurants was 2 Thai girls. After finishing their meals, one of the fatter ones lift her shirt up a little and grab a handful of her pot belly with both hands. That's a darn sore and unfortunate sight!

The bill came to us later which left me baffled at the fact we were charged RM 8 for mineral water. It is true as they say; I can get 10 litres of petrol with the same amount in this weird country.