Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sheikh-y surprise check

Whilst composing a reply to an email this morning, I heard the door being opened and from the corner of my eye, I could barely make out a white figure. At that moment, typically I assumed it to be a Bahraini in their traditional Thoube and most probably would be that bloody long winded Shawqi. As such, I didn't bother to turn around and look and continue to type out the email.

"Hello there!" said the white figure.

The voice of his sound strangely familiar yet very much not so. I then turn around and was stunned for a second or two. It's the Sheikh for this project. He was asking about how are things going and finally a spine tingling question.

"Are we on schedule or are we not?" he asked.

He barged out soon after noticing me trying to avert his question of providing him an absolute one. I'm sure he went upstairs to hunt for the bastard who covers his own ass one too many times.