Thursday, April 27, 2006

Legitimate Side Income?

Venue: Technology Park Malaysia. I stopped my car nearby the hut which sells car park coupons at the rate of RM 3 per day. There is a car park right across the road of where APIIT is. I thought it would be much more convenient if I can park my car there (read: lazy to walk). However, I kinda shrug it off my mind when I saw a sign erected stating it is for Monthly parking. Then the attendant came to the side of my car and asked.

Attendant: "You mau pigi APIIT kar? Mau park sini?"

Me: "Yah. Sini boleh ar? Tapi sini bukan Monthly parking punya kar?"

Attendant: "Sini memang monthly punya. Tapi kalau sekejap, kita orang boleh cover punya. Okay you park yang takda nombor punya"

So I handed him RM 3 but he didn't hand me the coupon. Actually I had even forgotten about it. Later when I settled my stuff, I went to take my car at the car park. I realised I had forgotten to scratch the parking coupon and place it on above the dashboard. But then, I realised that I didn't receive one to begin with.

So there was no receipt or ticket or coupon issued to me. And the attendant was pocketing RM 3 from allowing cars to park temporarily at the monthly parking area. On a rough count, this side income of his can possibly be more than his salary.