Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The break

Sometimes one need to stop and look. I did that to find my bearings. I wondered if I did that in a fit of anger. But anger of what? I soon recalled what that was. I think the trade did me good. However, I'm not sure if I can continue on with it. For all intents and purposes, there wasn't any of that anymore. And so it further solidifies my decision and thought to myself that then was the right time. I'm glad I had moved on. And most importantly, I learned the priorities and various aspects of balance to a job.

Today makes the day where I caught a glimpse of the future. The challenges, the opportunity and the rewards at the other end. I don't know and won't know if I like it. But that's the journey to go and I'll gladly stride through it. A whole entirely new domain and who knows, just might be a turning point for the better when I'm looking back, retrospectively in another few years ahead of now.