Monday, September 25, 2006

Someone asked, why do you breathe so loud?

Work has been bothering me even at night whilst going to sleep. It got me so worried and the frequency of this happening is worrying itself.

Today was a bad day. The schedule was jammed packed and I had hardly anytime to even sit at my desk. That being said, it is rather fortunate though that the meetings has not been as excrutiating as I thought they would be.

I simply cannot fathom why the constant pressing emphasis of visibility, promotion, ownership, contribution, etc. It isn't even the least bit of motivating. It may sound a tad unambitious here, but my concern is only on how I'm going to survive the days and weeks ahead.

Grilling. Why must it be in their work culture? I'm not asking for a merry day but at the very least, it can be less hostile, can't it?