Tuesday, November 04, 2003

TVB movies

Hmm usual routine in office today. Go with breakfast, then my newspaper, then on the pc and surf my usual sites including online newspaper around the world. I wonder when will this life with no work will end. There was a guy colleague. Let's call him Uncle Weirdo. I don't know him. He's the dude who sits next to the toilet. :). Spoke to me for the ever first time. The way he talks and the stupid don't work jokes that he tells are out of this world. I guess he's like touching 40. But he is holding a position like me? What a weirdo.

I also had a small chat with Wei Shung (darren). According to him, I got a lepakz life here. Well yeah. He's right. But they call it learning period here. When the projects roll in I think I will be an important asset for them by then. Muahahaaha.

[Edited: Corrected the right spelling for my friend's name]