Friday, February 13, 2004

My 3.28 GB pot of honey

The act of the victim to unshare a folder when I'm copying the files has left me with acrid feelings. That atrocious and unsavoury act has prompted me to make that crass decision to be valiant and conduct the indispicable and sordid act yesterday. The selfishness and arrogance of the victim fuels my bulimic desire to get my honey. I became adamant to sought after my revenge and bring the honey to the stronghold.

Yesterday, I felt some pinch of guilt. My hands somehow became cold. The lunch hours of yesterday delivers excitement and sense of accomplishment. I have successfully found my honey after 30 minutes of thorough searching through files and folders. The victim is cunning and wicked to hide my honey deep inside an unsuspected folder. My revenge has been partially done. I have fully retrieved my honey without the victim's permission and concern.