Saturday, February 07, 2004


I've been asked by Datuk's daughter to photostat some user manuals which those will be my own copies of them. Well ok. Then I went to the HR department where the photostat machine was located. There's a listing sticked to the wall above it depicting some of the department numbers that were used. Hmm I then keyed in my department number 1055 and I'm supposed to key in the password of 9205 to activate that damn photocopying machine. However, I got stuck when I wanna enter the password. It's not that my fingers got cramped or anything. Just that I can't seem to find a button on the keypad to move the cursor down to the password field blank.

Damn it! After reading the instructions numerous times to get myself sure of the procedures, I repeated it again. Alas...I suddenly thought that instead of keying it through the keypad...can I do it by touching on the screen itself? Yes! It works.

Oopsss....I felt so embarassed for being a techie yet facing such stupid problem. I felt so obtuse.

The photocopying process was very prompt nonetheless. Just pile the source document on top of the deck and hit the button. The finished product will be nicely stacked at the middle section. Gone are the days where photocopying requires lifting the lid up and closing it down again for an individual days. I remember playing with them a lot when I'm still in my prepubescent days.