Friday, February 06, 2004

No news is good news

Woke up at 8.00 AM today. My working hours supposed to start at that time too. Rush and reach office at about 8:20 AM. I had to park my car outside the company's building compound and walk into the complex. Finally punch my card at 8:30. while coming in, i was stopped by a security lady in the security booth.

Security blimp: Awak department ISD ker?

Me: Err...ya
[still feeling stoned]

Security blimp: Nama awak aper?

Me: Utter my name

Security blimp: Awak biasa pergi ke Smart City ker?
[jotting down my name on a piece of paper]

Me: Taklah

Security blimp: Langsung tak pernah?

Me: Got lar....

Security blimp: Ok. Boleh pergi...

Me: ......
[Feeling pissed and deceived like my name was just taken down by a prefect for being late]

She wants to jot down my name and department for no apparent reason. She asked me whether I visit the smart city often too. What the hell is all of this about? Does this company employs prefects such like in schools where they will jot down those who are late? I find it absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Another drawback about being late is you have to miss your breakfast and the free The Sun Newspaper. Bah. That is why i always go out not later than 7.15 AM if possible. Those extra minutes does prove a great deal of difference. I shall remind myself through today's hard lesson to never be a slugabed and if I would, I better reset the alarm than just switching it off. That is still not the worse of all. The presence of my mom nagging about me being late and staying in my room watching me getting sorted is. I rest my case

Meeting at 10:00 AM Feb 6. I've never spoken a single word throughout the entire session. Well i think i did. it was a "ok". ;) . The thing is, my system is complete and i do not need to work on any pending issues unless changes are required. "No news is good news"