Tuesday, February 24, 2004


My job has very much to do with programming albeit I initially thought that it would surround primarily on the areas of management, user requirements, design specifications, documentation, testing and training. I believe that in order to improve one's programming software development skills, one has to go through the process of immense frustration and hardknocks similar in the sense of how an individual goes through problems to be more mature.
Nevertheless, this problem of frustration can be mitigate when one learns not to repeat the same mistake again. Hence, that individual has became wiser.

I have blogged some programming tips / source codes in the past. It's hanging somewhere in the archives. But hey, we learn everyday. Some of them may be damn silly but here's something I learnt in the past few weeks:-

ASP / HTML / Visual Basic

Use " " to cater for some space especially when you want to have empty or . An alternative method to this would be using a transparent GIF file.

Try to look out for something like colspan="4" when you get haywired for sorting out some HTML aligning problems. It is useful but could be a menace as well.

In Visual Basic, declare variables public in the modules so that all other forms can have access to it

I think ADODB.Stream is cool.

In SQL Server 2000, the largest datatype is IMAGE. It solves my problem of using varbinary in the past.

Remember that it is Exit Sub not End Sub

I started to get familiar with the debugging process in VB which comprises of using the F8, Breakpoints and Add Watch.

Multistep OLE-DB Error. To solve this problem, enlarge the field of table which you want to update.

ActiveX Control (*.ocx) is VB program running through the internet browser.