Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Who took the wall down?

Just a short snippet of Labour Pains. Double D managed to crank me up LOL again when they were discussing about his neck stiffness. Double D's mum suggested a solution to his nagging problems which is to dry his pillow under the hot sun. Jeev was explaining that every traditional cure or methods must have its scientific explaination behind. Double D said that his mum is no scientist. Hahahaa well actually while blogging this down, I don't feel that it is funny anymore. Nonetheless it was funny yesterday.

[On a unrelated incident]

While in my cubicle yesterday, I felt there is this uncanny vibration. The vibration was getting stronger and emanating towards my place. The sound that it produces is getting louder and I wonder what in the blue hell is going on. Suddenly, I saw the wall to my left is shaking violently. Then a freaking saw pops up through the wall sawing its way to rip apart the wall. I was like "WTF?". Several others popup from their cubicle to join and watch astonishingly at the mishap of the pathetic not-build-from-brick wall. The ripping of the wall did not finish sucessfully because there were five steel cabinets blocking the way.

We got to know the reason behind that not long later. Apparently they are creating a manager's room to my left. Very nice indeed. Just what I needed. *crap*. And there goes my feng shui of my cubicle's location. Bah!