Saturday, February 21, 2004


Yesterday, when I'm still out to celebrate my friend's birthday outing, I received a SMS. Ok. So what is the big deal of the SMS? So I proceeded to press on the top left button and subsequently the * button in order to unlock the keypad.

Then the screen displays Keypad Unlock and in less than a second, it displays Keypad Locked with a "Teet" sound. Hmmmm. I repeated the above process for several more tries to the same futile result. Garhhh!

Then I thought reseting the phone would probably work. I tried to switch that phone off by pressing on the off/on button. Nope. It shows the "Keypad Locked" again. Damn it. Then I tried to hold that off/on button for 10 seconds. Still the same crap. Chris then suggested to disintegrate the phone.

Well, I got no choice. I will give this method a try before attempting to use the spank it method from michael ooi's "caveman logic" scenario. After disintegrating the shell and the battery, hehehe....there is no way the phone can still be alive and gets uppity on me. Damn it. It works fine again when I consolidated all parts and switch it on again. Don't get my phone model. Nokia 7250i.