Thursday, March 25, 2004

Hypothesis: Girls can't drive

A colleague of mine scare the shit out of me today. Apparently, we just came back from lunch. As she attempt to park her car, that nearly took my breath away. I was wailing and sort of shouted instructions in panic.

I usually don't do this but I sometimes think somehow the female gender can't handle their vehicles properly. Put it in another way, I will have to stereotype the female gender to have skills below par when compared with the male's gender. I'm not sure if this hypothesis of mine is true, or how many people out there supports my thought.

I heard from a radio station not too long ago, well about 2-3 weeks ago that, according to a survey the female gender took in average 3 seconds to respond to a green light change of the traffic light while in contrast the male gender took only < 1 second to do the equivalent. That is certainly one evidence to support my hypothesis.

The incident today has strongly displayed my colleague's ability in manoeuvering her car. Can I use this as an evidence? Hmmmm maybe not but it certainly could cast a vote on this case. I shall call it sample 1.

Throughout my observation for the past few years, I noticed that the female gender tends to avoid side parking and parking which requires entry through "gostan" (translation: reversing). I need to put translation into English every now and then because according to my domain name statistics, I have quite a majority of visitors from U.S.A and Europe. Could this preference of theirs undermine their ability in driving? To me, it would be evidence 2. *sniggers*

I now have 2 evidence and 1 sample. Perhaps I could gather more evidence to support my hypothesis and once and for all declare that it is true and make a great contribution to the world.