Saturday, April 17, 2004

Bail my ass

Today was an uncanny day where the level of awkwardness has hit the limits. It is the same friggin feeling you get if you were forced to play with a bunch of kindergarten kids, or like you were forced to entertain a group of multi-nationals without a common language, or like you were pushed outside to make a speech without prior notice and preparation and the likes of it. The feeling that I'm trying to portay kinda hangs around those areas albeit not that harsh I would say. It goes like this where I was invited to a church by a friend, for a concert worship, by some australia band. I already felt something that was really weird when I entered the place. It's full of kids. God damn it. Kids at the age 12 - 18?? I felt so outnumbered. Me and my friend. Two old farts? Wrong place, wrong time. Volume of kids? Probably in the likes of 200. We were stucked in a kid concert thingy for goodness sake.

I requested to bail my ass out there just when it started coz I felt so uneasy, fake and definitely not enjoying the moment at all. However, I'm impressed with the aussie dude who played the bass that has no frets. Hmmm. How in the hell he did that I do not understand.

I always tell people that "Boredom is always better than Frustration" whenever they complain to me about their problems and obstacles that they are having. But then again, I'm having that boredom part right now and it is not pretty. Probably that sentence only applies to work or job related issues and not to social issues.