Friday, April 16, 2004

Why BM

I was flustered doing my job this morning which involves coming out with two similar programs with different language interface. This includes changing everything you could see on the program to Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Malaysia.
You see, it isn't that straight forward. There was this button which is labelled with the caption "Encrypt", so for those reading this that knows BM, what word will you use to substitute that? I finally settled with "Disulitkan" (translation: To be made secret) which was found on a website in Bahasa Melayu language educating about encryption. Well I guess that's the term although I still feel sick about it. I rather have it to be named "Buat Cacing" (translation: Make Worms) as it was said by an Immigration Officer while trying to explain the concept of encryption to his asinine fellow colleague.

At the very least, when the user uses the program everyday, he or she will be slightly amused with such interface.

While I was trying to vent out some anger and trying to feel less cynical, I had a chat with my colleague and this is the extra feature he suggested to be included with the program:

gimli: hahaha

gimli: eh put la button "lanciau"
*translation: lanciau is dick

gimli: then u click on it

gimli: after 10 times u rename the button "shiok"
*translation: shiok refers to good feeling

me: i'm making two versions. BM n Eng

me: fuck I hate BM

gimli: hahahaa well so do i

me: it sounds ....urgh...

me: I'll have to blog about this.

gimli: hahahaa

gimli: u should