Thursday, April 22, 2004


BSMR. I'm not sure how to translate this in English though. If I give it a shot, it would sound something like Information System and Records Department. It's basically a department which handles information for the Immigration Department of the Government. Sounds funky? Darn awkward? Poor translation? Heck I don't care.

I just want to point out one blardy thing which is that place suck doodoo coz it's damn stodgy. Today was my third day there. Basically 8 - 5 PM if time taken for transportation were to be accounted. I'm bored to death doing practically nothing and to find some solace I look around and I found some sofa at the so-called welcoming reception area to shirk most of my time off. And I think, the obnoxious colleague of mine, *cikgu, is not too happy about that. What did she expect me to do then? Stand around watching others like I'm some supervisor and make them feel uneasy? No way man. I prefer to chill and let them chill.

You see, life at these kinda places are way too slow. Everything is always postponed. Being such that, I think there is practically no need for whatsoever planning to be involved. It will be postponed anyway. So why bother crack your head and schedule those itenaries?

The systems that we were working on and other dependent systems like the network and passports and cards seems to have a life on its own to decide when to die and pretend not functioning or rather an eye to watch us or perhaps a ear to listen when the demo of (User Acceptance Test) UAT will start. It will, by all means, fail itself tremendously at that very crucial point in time just to annoy the heck out of us. On this day though, it happened in more occurences to my colleagues. However, I pity my colleagues and would like to vent their anger on their behalf.

(translation :
*cikgu = teacher
yong sui = ugly face)