Sunday, April 25, 2004

EPL, confusing jam and a job

Met up with some Uni mates to catch some football action, Liverpool vs Manchester United. The match was pretty darn dull by the standards of two huge clubs. Liverpool won by one goal. Not that I'm not a Liverpool FC fan anymore but that match itself was one of the topics brought up that everything goes and abides the power of money. Yup. We are talking about money, bookee, advertising and other stakeholders that squeeze money out of this overrated game of sports. We've concluded that Gary Nevile, one of the hateful figures in our list for possessing that again "yong sui" characteristics, is the main actor for the game.

After the match and the "yam cha" session, I was caught in a jam. It was so bad that I thought something huge is happening at the other side. What cross my mind at that time was that there could be this mega police block to crackdown the malay yobs who performs asinine gravity defying stunts aka superman on the "kap chai", or probably just some car accidents that happened to be on middle of the darn road. When I am finally moving forward, I tried to spot for the culprit. But damn, I was left disappointed and confused as there are basically nothing. The traffic in front was just slow moving but how could that left me idle non moving at all in about 15-20 minutes?? And they say, one way street is one of the solutions to cater traffic in congested areas.

yong sui - Ugly Face
yam cha - Drink Tea
kap chai - Small bike, normally having the capacity of 100cc