Sunday, June 06, 2004

Growing up

I met some old friends or shall I say ex-schoolmates yesterday night. Some of whom I did not see for about approximately 5 years.

At first, my brain tries to decipher the physical attributes and mentally match them with the profiles that is stored in my memory about the person. I don't know why is it that but somehow everyone seems to be gaining weight.

I was struck in awe. Well not quite, but at least I'm quite surprised that night to say the least. This dude used to be a super menacing "phai khia" / jackass / bastard / samseng. He used to do various creative and dumb stuffs where he ended up being beaten up by hundreds of punches and some crash helmet shots. He used to challenge whatever rule there is. There are quite a number of smart extortions that he did in which could left him in the "lokap" or even the prison but I'm not going into the details. I'm still not sure whether he has extra guts or less intelligence at that time.

Anyway, he is now an ex-cafe owner cum college student. He used to be the boss of a cafe at Pusat Bandar Damansara. He closed it after a few years and decided to pursue his studies instead. So his current collegemates would be very much younger and I asked him whether he could mix and blend in with them. He gave me a very definite answer. He explained that the topics that the youngsters talk about ranged from LAN games to how they negotiated a corner on the road while making their tyres scream. So it's obvious that this is a been-there-done-that case. I understood exactly why he couldn't blend in now.

The second dude was a jackass too. However, he specializes more into vandalism, inflicting pain onto individuals who are known as "teachers", perform daredevil stunts...come to think of it, he's one crazy maniac. He is now working in Celcom doing Customer Service. One could not imagine how in the hell he would end up with that job. Isn't it ironic considering his personality with his job responsibility? Well he said that he is good now and he is honest with his job.

It just felt weird albeit nice. The thing about "grown up" and how it relates with the word "eventually".