Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Crazy k9s

Something caught hold of my attention this morning just before I left my house to work. It's my youngest brother's goldfish. Normally I wouldn't bother about his fishies. But I saw something that left me bemused yet bewildered.

Look at the length of that loaf! That dumb aquatic creature can really shit. After looking at that lengthy feces of that fish which is still intact to the fish's butt, I pronounce that round and shiny fish the champion of the day.

Another story relating to the kingdom of animals. This time it would be the canine (k9). I was driving back home and gotta slow down coz there was this speed-bump ahead. I then noticed a brown dog with pointy ears at the side. Normally I would just pass by without any second thoughts. But no, this dog has a very weird stare towards my car. That dog was staring at me and we both locked eyes for about 1.5 seconds. Then that mongoloid dog fuckin snapped and started to give chase to my car. This was accompanied by a few angry barks of his.

I was caught dumbfounded and slightly petrified to be honest, albeit I'm in my car. Naturally, I accelerated more to speed up with hope that the obtuse dog would eventually realised he's fuckin dumb to continue to give chase. For what reason this dog decided to chase me / my car, I do not know.

Actually there is another incident which is somewhat similar. A few months back, I went to fetch a friend from her house with a bunch of mates in my car. She owns this dog named "Ah Wong". Come to think of it, "Ah Wong" has some resemblance to the dog I met this evening. After my friend got into the car, "Ah Wong" decided to do the same I guess. Probably "Ah Wong" felt left out for not being invited for the outing. It then chase my car. I will never forget "Ah Wong" coz it jumped and pressed its paws to one of the doors causing some scratches. *Grrr*. "Ah Wong" was brave enough to stood in front of my car and quickly went to the back when I was reversing. If "Ah Wong" wasn't my friend's pet, I wouldn't give a damn and just accelerated. But I was worried that I might kill "Ah Wong" or at the very least knock him stupid. So I tricked "Ah Wong" by pretending to reverse slowly. "Ah Wong" with its knowledge that standing-at-the-back-of-car-when-reversing-will-stop-me indeed rush to the back. I then switched. Did the opposite. Fast. Hehe.

The funny part was when my mom took my car to the workshop to have some part fixed, the mechanic not knowing this story said that
those scratches are done by some monkey living nearby my house