Friday, May 14, 2004


To my beloved cronies, I don't feel like writing what happen throughout the day in my blog anymore thanks to you fellas. Coz I feel it's redundant as you fellas already knew everything. So if I were to write the stuff of the day, it will be a disappointment for you guys when you guys were in the identity of my blog readers.

So what should I do? See! It becomes so weird now. Nevermind, I shall carry on for now as it's still my freakin blog.

I was extremely livid today after hearing about news that my name was submitted for a trip to Miri again. That means my holiday is robbed and this is without me knowing it. So I guess steal would be a better word. It took me roughly 200 steps to walk to the other side of the Software Department, searching for the obnoxious nemesis cikgu and preparing myself to shout at cikgu's face if necessary. Luckily she wasn't there. I got back to my place and seek higher authority's information to clarify things a little. I felt like I'm this annoying little leprechaun in the eyes of the higher ones. I later found out that it was a false alarm and it was very much of a relief.

One of my pal told me today that he felt horny and he wanted to see and hangout with this girl with big boobies and this is without his gf's presence.

Fag: "Wanna lure Tai Bor Mui to come??"
(*Fag is his nick in IM*)

Fag: "Pretty wanna see tbm"

Fag: "aiyah. chicks lar..."

Fag: "like that also shy ah"

Fag: "Feelin horny lar..."

Fag: "Damn tb la..cannot tahan"

The conversation were heavily editted and that includes my reply. Hmmm. You get what I mean now? That was kinda weird coz I felt like I was dragged into his plan for tonite and I will definitely not be comfortable in such outing. I will transform into a boring log of wood. Well maybe I am one now if you haven't already know, but you see, denial takes place. Tee Hee.

Ok bloody hell. What happened to my Liverpool FC Jersey? It's attracting dust. F**k.

tahan = stand / endure (In Malay)
Tai = Big (In Cantonese)
Bor = Ball / Boob (In Cantonese)
Mui = Girl (In Cantonese)