Sunday, May 16, 2004

I don't speak Tamil

16th May 2004, 4.09 AM: While I was driving my way back home after Le Tour de "Pan Cafe Pj - Bangsar Telawi 3 - Espanda KL - Rani's Corner Cheras", the trunk road nearby my house was jammed and that is the main road stretching along Leisure Mall. I was thinking, "What the hell?". I was dumb enough to not notice the earlier signs that there was this huge police block there. Earlier while I was negotiating this roundabout, a few motorcycles kinda U-turn and move in the opposite direction illegally, illegally as in taking up the road that I'm driving along.

I went through the block without any fuss when that policeman wave his dumb flashing rod furiously. I saw 5 cars being stopped at the side and all of the drivers have the same characteristics, which is the "lala" look or shall we call that the "Ah Beng" factor. So I guess, I'm either not qualified enough to be one of them or that they have already stopped 5 cars and there isn't any space for me yet.

Sunday as usual, my winding down day. But's it's not that good considering while I was having my afternoon nap coz I've nothing to do or I'm just too lazy, the electricity got cut off. Damn! That's when I woke up coz it's so fuckin hot when there is no air-cond and after a couple of minutes walking around, I decided to pay the nearby car wash a visit.

While waiting for my car, I sat at the adjacent mamak. After I settled the bill, there was this indian fella talking to me in Tamil pointing his finger to his colleague. I think he is ridiculing his colleague by the tone of his and evil laughter. But hey! I don't fucking understand Tamil. So what's the point of telling me? It's like talking to your goldfish. This is not the first time. It happened before in various parts of Cheras, Puchong, etc.

On another note, I don't know which is more ludicrous. The roti canai which is as strong as some tyre or the fuckin fork which bent 90 degrees into a L-shape fork when I wanna tear/cut that roti. It's amusing but then again, I didn't know whether I'm supposed to laugh or cry. I did neither.