Friday, May 21, 2004

about uncle

Got a call from uncle requesting me to go over to provide support. It seems that the system is having numerous problems. Nevermind, I went and have a look. When I got there, he complained about not being able to login. So I asked what username and password combination did he use. I was bemused and flabbergasted when he said he used UserName1 as the login and UserName2 as the password. Damn!

Uncle talked about some of his job experiences and his time when he was still studying. It was lame and it further convinces me that what kind of a sick bastard he is. Some excerpts of his statements.

uncle: "..I like to visit museums"

uncle: "I went there in the late seventies"
(*See, he was a hippie*)

uncle: "It looks like a stamp"
(while he was commenting about the GUI of some system, actually it has dotted lines as borders)

uncle: "It feels like I can cut it from the screen"
(also commenting about the stamp look while using hand gestures to illustrate)

I bailed my ass out of the party place so that I won't be seen like I'm hanging out with this uncle. That freak's not someone you would like to associate with.