Sunday, May 23, 2004

random thoughts. not meant to be understood.

I met this amusing person who was described as psycho by her friend. I supposed I agreed to that keyword association when I gave a few nods. Let's call the psycho bear.

bear is a hell of a talkative person whose weird topics range from La Senza bras to High 5 breads, Kam Kuai Fei to how she burnt RM 10000 in 5 months without purchasing anything major and a new skirt so short I thought it sounds more like a belt. I was dumb enough to ask what is Kam Kuai Fei thinking it's some kind of nutritional food to increase appetite. In return, bear describes illustrates Kam Kuai Fei in the most vivid, explicit and hillarious method ever using the before and after mechanism. At that particular moment, my brain was telling me "What the hell?" while triggering the laughter department.

I had a talk with my dad today during breakfast which is something rather unusual. We seldom talk. The topics talked about today were the insights of football betting logics, work, new highways and office politics. I think I talk more with my mom coz she asks too much too often and that's only because she wants to know and control everything. I will often disgress and keep details to a minimum. In contrast, my dad won't even bother at all. I guess his concept is more like you-take-care-of-your-own-life-and-ass. Reverting back to my mom's power, that's one thing that my dad and I would often get stoned and gave each other the classic deer look but just carry out all my mom's plans so she won't burst into this volcanic explosion. In other words, to be on the safe side just do what she wants.