Thursday, October 07, 2004

UK > KL > Bahrain

Many of the cubicles here within the cluster of cubicles in my section of the department are left empty. Strange enough, there is this presence of an uncanny calm mood around here. Gone were the loud annoying discussions that often took place at the middle of some walk ways. Gone were the obnoxious phone calls that came in because they dialled the wrong extension numbers and refused to remember the new one even after being told so many months ago. Gone were the random visits from colleagues and mandarin chatters surrounding my privacy. All I can hear now is the rustling sound of the aircond ventilation panels, some faint keyboard tapping sounds and the sound of a tupperware opening.

I was pondering the fact that I'll not see some of the faces here soon and probably never if some of them has left before I return. I don't know if this is a good thing or otherwise. But it is to me, a good news if one of the person is auntie and I'll have lesser chance to frown.

I might miss the daily battle of getting a carpark space before 8 am.

I might miss the winding down moments and a rather clear mind when I'm driving back home while consistently changing the radio channels using the same route every weekday.

I will miss the dinner at home and the lazing around on the sofa watching Wah Lai Toi in the evenings while my mum will be constantly nagging everyone in the house.

I will miss hanging out with my friends.

I will miss her.

I pondered about, of my coming time in Bahrain. I anticipate that the work pressure will be enormously high, as much will be expected out of me and things are not helping when there will only be three of us working there and later on, only two. I'm slightly worried about the food there because the ramadhan is coming pretty soon and that's probably when I'll step my foot there for the first time. I admit I'm such a bummer but I will have to do some house chores, cooking and laundry. I used to do them every single day in UK and I hated it. I'm afraid of the boredom eventhough I'm one who can tolerate a heck lot of it. I know the provision of flight tickets to go back to KL every month by the company will not work out. That's such a big lie. But I hope I'll still get to fly back once every 2 months perhaps? Please? I hope I can manage my funds wisely there.

"Look at the brighter side" someone reminded me. Perhaps things will be alot more better than what I anticipate.

Hmm let's see what I missed about of my time in UK. I'll try to keep it short.

I miss the breeze and the chilling air. I miss looking for areas to stand where the sun shines at to keep warm from the cold winds. I miss walking around the streets aimlessly. I miss the fields. I miss hibernating during the winter time. I miss the market especially the butchers. That's weird I know. hehe. I miss checking out gorgeous China chicks and the bodies of the locals. I miss the double decker buses ride and the amazing driving skills of those bus drivers. I miss the pool club and the time spent there with the fag and the budweisers eventhough I'm such a lousy player. I miss hanging out in Huxters pub with Kevin and Ah Seng having a pint of lager or ocassionally a lasagne as well and then going back pissed off because Liverpool FC sucks real bad that season. I miss the camaraderie of the super large asian gang (Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong) we have and the booze party at home till 2-3 dudes passed out from intoxication. I miss the tauntings of Liu Jian and the glorious battles of Warcraft III every night. My house was like a cybercafe back then. I miss seeing Welson's performance on the guitar and piano. He never fails to amaze me. Luckily I managed to learn a few tricks from him. I miss the silly trip we had, to Scotland.

Okay. I spent too much time writing this post and I've lost track and the point I want to make. Goddamn. Publish!