Saturday, November 06, 2004


I had my dinner at Mr. Fouad's residence today. After I parked our car near to his enormous side gate, we were greeted by his phillipino cook. A few steps forward and immediately my jaw dropped. This place is amazing. Nothing less. The decos, furnitures, fixtures, paintings and everything is akin to going into a Sultan's palace. It's goddamn palatial. I was taking slow and careful steps when entering into the building and at the same time meticulously study the details of the house. It's just so overwhelming. At a glance, there were Michaelangelo style heads structure at the compound as well as inside the mansion. The craftings or paitings at the ceiling is similar to those in Le Louvre museum albeit not as fascinating. There was a lovely sleek grand piano and a huge ass spiral staircase in the middle section. There so many paintings on the wall that I couldn't keep track already. And it's obvious to not have to say that most things are in gold colour.

We were then greeted by Mr. Fouad and subsequently invited into the dining hall. Another wow follows. The food that was prepared could feed 20 with more to spare and there are only 5 of us sitting there. All of those large dishes are decorated with flowers and vegetables. The utensils are carefully placed and food is served to our plates by the maid while constantly asking "Do you want to try this sir?", "Do you want to have some of these sir?", "Yes sir", "Very well sir". I actually felt very much out of place but I just followed the rhythm and proceeded to enjoy the dinner.

The first serving was majbooba. It's beef and rice cooked together in dark brownish hue. Looks like "loh mai". Rating: 2/5. It's edible. Then came samboosa. It's fried potato fillings in a triangular shape. Quite nice. I liked it. Rating: 4/5. Next was some squishy pale white paste called Harris. It's made of flour, minced meat and barley. It has this baby food taste and it's puke inducing. Rating: -5/5. Then a fried prawn with some meat fillings. Not bad. Rating: 3/5. Afterwards, the maid served some deep fried rabbit fish with tomato and garlic and brown rice. So so. Rating: 2/5. I have to clarify that the fish does not have long ears nor does it hop and chew carrots. It looks like a small "Ma Yau" fish. Later on, there is this curry lookalike dish which they call Trits. It's similar to curry but very mild. Rating: 2/5. And then, I was given another baby samboosa. It's filled with cheese. Goddamn. Rating: 0/5.

Finally when we were done, we proceeded to another living hall. There's huge sofas, some gold colour sofas with printed maps on it and a big widescreen TV. It's dessert time I reckon. We were served with water, arabic coffee or tea. And of course, that's not all. Each of us have this caramel + jelly served in a huge sundae cup. I barely ate it coz I was damn full already. Two karipap lookalike was left untouched. I was told later by my colleague that it's filled with nuts and it's darn sweet. Thank god I didn't try that.