Thursday, November 04, 2004

road weaving and the abaya beggars

Woke up early today to find HSBC bank, money changer and do some weekly grocery shopping. I think I'm much more versed about Manama's area and roads now eventhough occasionally I still give wrong navigation instructions to my manager. But hey, you learn more when you make mistakes. By making those mistakes, I now have alternatives to get to the same destination. Smashing ya?

The city is relatively empty so to speak. I'm not too sure really, but I believe there is 3 public holidays announced to mourn the death of Sheikh Zayed, president of U.A.E. Anyway, while cruising into the city centre, I caught a glimpse of this purple painted squalid restaurant.

"That's Al Osra restaurant", I exclaimed

Sonny turns head around and said "So I think you'll not order any food from there anymore".

I silently agree. Then we head to GOSI shopping centre. The exterior is much like a dull Beit Al Quran sort of building but the interior, surprisingly seems quite posh and nice. The interior designs are somewhat similar to those of Starhill KL albeit the entire architecture of both buildings are totally different. The ground floor actually houses shops selling only mobile phones much like Sungai Wang. However, they each have proper shoplots unlike in Sungai Wang where they have small booths and staffs comprises of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians.

I was heading back to the car after checking out from Al Jazira. While pushing the trolley towards the exit, I was greeted by 5 abaya clad women sitting on the pavement with their arms streched out. Beggars with the abaya gimmick and full face veil do not intimidate me. Nonetheless, I was petrified for a second or two at that moment though.