Monday, December 13, 2004

A Sheikhy Mission

I accompanied an officer to see a Sheikh today. Our task is to get his fingerprints and photo. His position as explained to me by the officer, is a so called FBI Head. I was wondering why there are so many guards in there and forwarded my query to the officer. I was then told that it was because that area is akin to the headquarters of the guards. No wonder, even the tealady arabic-coffee-man wears a uniform. We were waiting for quite some time and were served with this arabic coffee I believe. I learnt that to ask for a refill, you just extend your arm to the coffeeman. To convey "I've had enough, please take my cup", just shake the cup gently in a rocking motion and hand it over.

The Sheikh finally came and before that, one of his subordinates came barging in while exclaiming "Sheikh, Sheikh, Sheikh !" in a hurried, concerned and nervous motion. He opened the door and stood in a very pole straight posture. Ahah! I see. It was the cue. Such tension for them eih? I can't accept it though that the local men greet each other by hugs and kisses on the nose. Ewwww. Downright disgusting! isn't it? On second thoughts, it was the first time I witnessed such occurrence. Could it be only applicable to greet someone with super ranks or something? *Shrugs*

Just another small jot of an amusing sight. Before the Sheikh placed his finger on the fingerprint scanner, he said a prayer or something. I can vaguely hear him saying "Bismillah ..." before attempting to put his finger on it. Is that necessary? *Shrugs again*