Tuesday, November 09, 2004

oxygen please

I have had a tremendously hectic week. A full 7 working days including working at home at nights rushing for presentations for the following day.

Sonny said "It's quite a miracle considering things that took more than 1 year to finalise is being done in a mere few days here".

I second that but really, that's Malaysia scenario and delays like that are almost always expected. The management here are also desperate to push things around so that their heads won't roll when the deadline comes and that helps to get things progress at breakneck speed but so is our depressing state. No rest days throughout the week and ocassionally have to make do without adequate food. That's how the increasing stressed state comes by and I suspect, it would escalate into demented mode soon. This in all would be exhorbitantly more in volume for myself as my other two colleagues are making a break to Kuala Lumpur in this coming Raya and I'm left here alone. Who else is here? The fucking priest.