Sunday, November 28, 2004

Our predicament

Devious commercial issues, shrewd businessman doing his fancy footwork, political aspirations between four parties and tough deadlines that requires head to roll is getting us hit again, again and again. Our hands are tied and the voices of anger keeps thumping in.

It couldn't be summed as a bottleneck situation anymore. Perhaps a deadlock. A scrawny project director who is always delaying and holding back decisions just to push for a better margin is causing the vendor and the customer to heat up and tire after all the time spent. 10 days left now to the dry run and hell hath no fury like the client's project director's fury when he needs to present all that to the King at that very event. And yes, he hasn't got a clue what everything looks like because the vendor's PD is not releasing anything before he gets a bigger cut of the cake.

By hook or crook, or probably a few bloody noses, all must be done. Authorised, up and running with glittering lights to the delights of the royals and citizens before the battle begins yet again.