Tuesday, November 16, 2004

journal jots

12th November - After sending Sonny to the airport, Tailou, a 50 year old colleague of mine suggested to roam and visit around. He asked "Lei yam jau ker mou?" and I replied "Yammm". So the plan was set and we agreed to visit the malls first. The malls here in Bahrain operate at rather odd hours. You'll notice the traffic jam pilling up on the highway at ungodly hours. I was told that the malls operate until 3 AM here. When I arrived at the malls around 7 PM, most of the boutique shops have not open yet. We were told by a nepalese salesman of a mobile phone shop to go to hotels to get alcoholic drinks. Okay fine. But a sudden lost of sense of direction has lead us way south, travelling nearly half of Bahrain. There was this particular moment where I'm driving at 120 km/h and suddenly I heard some sort of siren blasting "beep beep beep". That was way quirky and I'm like kook-ed up. I still wonder where the sound comes from. We were on a highway and the surroundings were just sand. Someone enlighten me on that please.

13th November - Woke up rather late on the first day of Raya or shall I say Eid Al Fitr. After watching an episode of TVB series I felt rather bored and hungry. So I decided to grab a Macca fix. I grab the map and car keys and off I went for a ride. After weaving around for sometime under the blazing heat, I found Macca at Exhibition Avenue. While walking towards it, I saw 4 young kids, most probably local, shouting in delight and waving their shoes around. Then I was godsmacked when they take turns and smack a delivery motorcycle parked in front of a restaurant. The number plate of that motorcycle fell off and I suppose some other damages were inflicted. I somehow feel pity for the bike. After my Macca fix, I went back and collapsed on the couch till 6 PM.