Monday, November 22, 2004

double blunder

I had to pick up my colleagues from the Bahrain's Airport two days ago and I have had two blunders. The first was when I dashed right into the parking area without first taking a parking ticket. The bar was lifted and conveniently to me, I just zoomed in. I only realised the embarassing truth when the cars behind me stop one by one to retrieve the ticket eventhough the bar is lifted high up pointing vertically. I then went to the cashier and lamented my problem. He gave me a new ticket with a handwritten 9:45 PM on it. When it's about time to leave that place, to my horror, I realised I've lost the ticket. Double whammy this is. I just drove to the cashier again and told him I've lost that ticket. He let out a sigh, gave me a look of dismay and stated "Four Hundred". All in all, it was sorted with approximately RM 4 and a step on the gas pedal.