Sunday, December 19, 2004

uncertainty and his sedentariness

He sat there looking at how life passes him by
anonymous children were chasing each other
and pause they did when the other child couldn't catch up
the children's anticipation of their parent's approval
and their excitement in rushing for their Tom & Jerry
brought much to his amusement and nostalgic moments

Petering out he felt at times
when he's lost like he's lost in the woods
his grip is slowly slipping
but he stood still and observes meticulously
for how he could save them
persistence he thought could be the key

His seek for equilibrium seems futile
thus he reasons this out meekly
with superficial answers he contends with
at least for the moment he thought
where does this malaise comes from
it's unknown and shall continually be sought

He figures that subconsciously he was being tenacious
he cannot see it succinctly though
whether it is a boon or a plight
at the end of the day
it's the consequences that counts

Like the hordes of others
he decides to let the days roll by
to keep walking and not knowing
because he knew doubts grow when he is not walking