Tuesday, December 28, 2004

wee wang wang

Soaking up the silence. Ambience was so tranquil. The silence echos and resonates deep inside my eardrums. Distraction was nowhere to be found. It felt like the world had paused just for me. Only the strong heartbeat reminds me I'm still alive.


On an unrelated incident which I had totally forgotten to post about, if you were to recall, my previous dinner trip to the palatial house of Fuoad wasn't a pleasant one in terms of food quality. Eventhough this might be relative but I'm fucking sure I've got the majority behind me on this. Much to my utter horror, I was baffled yet again when the cook managed to come out with the same exact concoction that makes my gag reflex to kick in. Truth to be told, I was holding that back forcefully. My throat felt like it was pelted and that made my eyes watery. I had even tried to mitigate the awful load by politely refusing those horrible dishes that the cook, for some reason, persistently wanted to pile on my plate. And by that, I guess I was singled out in the cook's mind like a stump on a field.