Saturday, January 15, 2005

You know you are in Bahrain when

You know you are in Bahrain when:

1. You are expected to step on the gas immediately or at least show signs you are about to, that is by releasing the brake pedal when the traffic light begins to turn yellow prior to green. Otherwise, you'll get a courtesy pat at the back that comes in the form of honking which could very well leave you all huffed up and subconsciously spark some silent cursing towards the direction of the drivers behind as for the reflex lag acknowledgement.

2. Besides Arabic and English language, you hear Malayalam being spoken a lot.

3. All restaurants typically cater arabic, western, indian, thai and chinese food albeit the taste are strongly localised or shall I say indian-ized.

4. Almost all restaurants like those described in number 3 offers free delivery to homes and offices because either Bahrainis are just too lazy to get their asses out to the restaurants or the exhorbitant prices charged justified themselves for the delivery and therefore we must as well enjoy the service.

5. Tap water are tinged with hint of saltiness.

6. Tasteless raw water are known as sweet water.

7. You see cars parked beside a roundabout or on top of a roundabout.

8. Traffic lights that are knocked down silly by cars are a common sight.

9. The frequency of car honks on a street such as Exhibition Avenue are akin to a morse code transfer in process.

10. The people here obviously have either only one pair or many pairs of the exact same uniform in their closet. This applies to both gender and at any time of the day.

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