Sunday, January 02, 2005

2004 in retrospect

Time to jot memoirs of 2004. This is to the beginning of 2005.

Celebrated the eve of entering year 2004 in hooligan packed streets around Times Square. Celebration involved suffocation of foam sprays sold by lalachais and enduring traffic jam madness. Concluded the night by proceeding to Bar Med to booze the year out.

Most of my friends, particularly my university mates are now working. A great majority in the IT industry while others are in a wide variety of jobs and businesses ranging from selling second hand cars to insurance, butchery to improper medicine, owners of a mobile phone shop, street wear boutique, graphic design studio and probably an upcoming performance tuning garage.

No more pressure from studies but instead from work. Learnt that debugging can totally vexed me to hell. Patience is the most needed virtue in any programmer. Frustration is the most likely virtue of any programmer. Learnt that front end applications are major bitches as they keep changing.

Had a friggin weird lunch with Gimli. The double chicken rice shops. That was quirky.

Work tasks have shifted towards a different domain, namely documentation and testing. Have been putting programming to rest for many months now and I didn't regret one bit of it. It seems though that, even now it is still changing.

Met her. So sweet. I'm lost for words.

My blog is now a year older.

Blacked out from boozing and required help from friends to drag my ass back. Consequently, have had a major hangover that lingers on till the afternoon of the following day. The K kills. Nuff said.

Never had the faintest idea that I will be working in Bahrain for a considerable period of time. Had a shock then but all sank in now. Learnt that every event has a double edge effect to it and I should weigh things more optimistically. Anyhow, here I am to usher the new beginning.

Celebrated 2005's New Year's eve by sleeping, still in Bahrain, I am.

lalachais = Ah Bengs