Monday, February 28, 2005

Oi! Fan Loi lor

Somehow I felt that there is this compelling ardor in me of which I do not comprehend truly of its nature or what it is for. At times like this, it felt like you have hit a pause looking up at the vast empty sky and you began to wander about the past and the coming days.

Often enough, especially recently, I tend to drift away thinking back about the yonder days of yore in my little reverie moment. Wondering if things are supposed to happen the way they have, had I done my part without any tinge of regret and whether are all actually somehow fixated and adheres to what we term it as being destined. And yet that could simply be just me being anal wanting to point a finger.

I hope all confounding moments like this is only ephemeral.

Please ignore or discard any attempts of interactions regarding this post. This is an emo and confounding rambling.

On an unrelated note, even before weighing the problems and issues that surround us, it dawns on me that this project deadline and its milestones are a complete joke. Even if you suffocate and press every project members and those that reside in Malaysia, my bet is it would not happen the way it supposed to be. In my opinion, this is not being pessimistic but rather I would call it pragmatic and realistic after all the experience and personally seeing the number of times the plans had failed here.

The core of the problem is top dogs only care to get it in time for financial, political and media publication reasons. What and how things happen under the various triangles is not of concern to them.