Wednesday, January 26, 2005

30 random notes

I was attempting the 100 things about myself sort of post. However, it has been excrutiating trying to figure out things to write. Hence, I have decided on a 30 item list instead. In no particular order:

1. I seem to be having a constant pensieve mood on a regular basis.

2. My fear of height escalates especially when I look upwards rather than downwards.

3. I like Jazz for it's complexity and perhaps because I can never master understand it.

4. I like the piano for it's immaculate image and somewhat raw, honest and genuine tone.

5. I believe there is no shortcut in learning something valuable, it has to go through some hardship like the old saying "no pain, no gain".

6. I tend to always sleep on the left side of the bed, that is the edge being on my left.

7. I have always dislike sweets, chewing gum and mints and still do.

8. My father is not a man with many words but he often left me awestruck by his wisdom and insight.

9. I have a problem of being articulate particularly when I am nervous.

10. Most often, I would tend to speak in Cantonese but I can only write in English. I only speak Hakka to my family.

11. I think people with a sense of humour are a intelligent lot.

12. I picked up guitar when I was in UK which is rather funny because before that, I was not able to play it in Malaysia albeit many attempts in trying to learn it including learning from my bandmates.

13. I used to play in a 5 piece amateur band before as the vocalist / keyboardist. We are kinda crap as a band but I truly enjoyed the years of playing in it.

14. I used to place my keyboard on an ironing board back then during practise.

15. I enjoy and fancy tea.

16. Sad to say, I do not possess any athletic talent.

17. I do not read books. I have stop reading any non academic books since Charlie and the chocolate factory (which was around 1992 when I read it) but I think I will begin to.

18. I almost always order Double cheese Burger whenever I visit McDonalds.

19. Rock and acoustic genre appeals to me in a huge way.

20. I simply adore live rock band and acoustic performances.

21. I am a virgo and I believe I have a lot of the virgo traits.

22. Slugabed, I am.

23. I find it hard to be amused by comedy shows, let alone laughing out loud from it.

24. I began wearing glasses in the year 2003. Goddamn. That was when I realised I can't read the road signboards while driving until I practically reached it.

25. One of my favourite magazines is Asiaweek. Unfortunately they have terminated the publications many years back.

26. More often than not, Coke will be my default soft drink.

27. I hate strawberries, nangkas, kiwis and yoghurts with a passion.

28. I seldom drive without having at least the radio being switched on.

29. I find it hard to relate to people who does not share my sardonicism.

30. I am messy and lazy when there is a leeway to do so.