Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The end must meet the means

In contrast to my affinity to want to begin investing, I had run into a terrible start by selling all of my dangerously descending, close to the brink of suspension shares. Lost about 50% in total value. I have no choice but to take it as an expensive lesson for being greedy, for being gullible and for not being wise and making decision fast enough. As for the moment, I have placed a stash of it into FD, no risk but returning only low yields.

Workload around here is skyrocketing high yet again. Life is no hunky-dory all the time. For the past 5 months I was here, at least 3 were gruesome and some days were just agonising to say the least.

As Tailou would have aptly put it, "Yenn wong ah" in the Hakka dialect.

But it helped and shaped myself and I realise I am more tolerable of this resentment. Especially during yesterday which Teh came over, accosted me and requested for the team to go back and rest. In his own words, "Khui dei mm dim jor".