Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The dent became flat

Ashraff came over to my apartment yesterday to help switch my bed with a brand new base. One which is flat. It took 6 freaking months in order to get my bigass hemisphere dented base to be changed. So long that I have got used to the nest and didn't quite mind with it altogether. Curious with what that could cause such a damage, I enquired Ashraff for the reason of it. "The ladies, can be very fat. 2 or 3 sitting on it, finished!" concluded Ashraff.

Successfully carried out a demo to the higher ups, IBM dudes and journalists using our infamous mickey mouse system. One which have saved our asses for a few crucial times that I feel we have begun to depend on it a little too much. I had to carry on executing the plan which involves the hiding into drawer idea that I wasn't that keen of. Fortunately, the demo worked and pandemonium of laughters were heard as a result of sarcasm and obvious ass licking. I'll keep an eye of tomorrow's papers because there were many shots being taken today by the journalists and who knows, I might be in it.