Friday, August 05, 2005

Another dive of amplitude

I had returned to the land without clouds. Only the vast blue sky and scorching hot heat sums out the surroundings.

Instead of the usual route back here via Doha, I had chosen Cathay Pacific this time as I thought and hoped this would be my last trip to here. So I might as well experience and understand myself as to why other colleagues have been hyped about and praising this airline and the transit at Hong Kong airport.

Indeed the service and flight entertainment has been top notched. This however was set back with an additional 4 hours or so just to get here. And that is some pain in the ass.

As I arrived at HK airport and I looked around, the first thing that caught my sight made me go "Holy crap. Those are some crazy tall condominiums" in my head. And then I saw the goddamn immigration queue. It was in a snake shape and unbelievably long. The passenger next to me, a Malaysian but works in Hong Kong as a MD told me that queue would take at least 1 hour but lucky for her, she has a HK citizen card and the checkpoint is but a brisk moment for her.

I wandered around myself around the HK airport and was looking at the screens for my departure gate. After spending about 3 minutes squinting at the screens, a lady came up next to me and asked "How can I help you?" I thought to myself then "Wow that's some great service" but I told her "Ngo yi ging wan dou ler. Mm goi sai".

I went and exchanged USD 50 to HK Dollars at the travelex to pay for my meal. To my dismay and which escaped my logic, the food shops upstairs actually accepts USD and offered a higher exchange rate than the one below. It is cumbersome to arrange the currencies as I had 4 types of different currencies with me that time. So I seperated them into my different pockets and wallet.

I had Roasted Goose with Cantonese Noodles for HK 55. Didn't want to feel inferior for being unable to read, I had ordered the meal in English instead.

Already back at work even though it is a rest day of the week and a slew of tasks waiting to be finished. I already can't wait to go back.

My boss told me when I was in KL that "..this will be the first and last time that we will approach a project like this. Lucky you". That got me dumbfounded. I wondered whether or not that that is a good thing.