Monday, August 01, 2005

To the north now

Everytime I come back for a short holiday ala recuperation trip, the same things always happen. And most often, I find myself again readjusting my direction and realise my bearings in all aspects of life. Some of it would have better aim and direction to head to while some will remain unanswered.

Sometimes, you don't realise what you are doing as working life can be unbelievably hectic. Everyday is spent rushing for the next and after a prolonged period of this, one would easily get distorted.

Catching up with family and friends has enabled me to take a glimpse back and chart the way forward. As of this moment, I'm glad to have planned two future trips. A vacation trip to Hong Kong and another trip to Shanghai the following year for business.

I am surprised myself how decisions I've made before I return to KL almost always change. That's how easily one can be distorted when left isolated not keeping in touch with the rest.

I've just received my first Notice of Renewal of one of my FD along with the current statement. Although not by much, I'm glad to see it grew. And I did nothing. That is the best part of it all. But let's not take in the depression part as to how inflation is going to eat it away.